About Us

There is a certain vibe that connects the works of Johnson Architecture, Inc (JAI). It is an energy that flows through our residential and commercial projects, a sense of rhythm and purpose. The “vibe” is there whether it’s an innovative habitat where people can see eye to eye with giraffes, an upscale gallery-style bistro, a treetop walkway with an epic sense of the great outdoors, a new civic anchor for a downtown, a rustic retreat called Camp Fish Lips, or a home full of heart and soul for Extreme Makeover Home Edition.

The theme is a synergy between the client, purpose, and vision. It is what gives all these places, spaces, and buildings a true sense of “personality.” Each home reflects a style as unique as its owners and residents, just as each individual business, restaurant, church or school does. It comes from a simple but important tenet of Johnson Architecture:

Listen. Then Draw.

It has been said that writing about art is like “dancing about architecture.” Describing architecture is better done in pictures than words. Come inside the website to see for yourself.

In another sense, JAI is “dancing about architecture.” We love what we do, and it shows. It is about being attuned, to lead and follow, with your partner. The partnership with our clients is based on listening first, and making sure we hear and see their vision before making that first step.

“My sincere hope is that we, as a firm, first, listen, and then act to accomplish our client’s needs. If we ever lose that perspective, it won’t be worth doing anymore.

Daryl Johnson, AIA, President


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