Copper Cellar Corporation Concepts


Client: Copper Cellar Corporation
Year: Ongoing since 1994


Johnson Architecture has created proto-types for three of four Copper Cellar concepts. We are honored to have worked with Cherokee Grill Steakhouse, Smoky Mountain Brewery and, of course, Calhoun’s Restaurant. Cherokee Grill features an interior flooded with natural light while the stone and heavy timber exterior nestles into its surrounding in the Smoky Mountains. Smoky Mountain Brewery is a 305-seat micro-brewery with an open floor plan that allows the visitors to interact with the Brew Master during the brewing process. Salvage materials make up the exterior of these casual dining locations. And, finally, the Calhoun’s Restaurants are warm, welcoming and comfortable venues where the interiors are eclectic, and the exteriors are brick and stone with limestone accents.


Keep Knoxville Beautiful Orchid Award, 1995 (Calhouns, Bearden Hill)



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