Get to Know: Rebecca Ware

July 26, 2019

Rebecca Ware, RID, NCIDQ, joined JAI in 2015.


What is your role at JAI?

My role depends on the day and the project. Most often, you’ll find me immersed in technical and detailing aspects, carrying/refining concepts and documenting/producing drawings for construction.


What three words best describe you?

Resilient, resourceful and patient.


What is your favorite aspects of being on the JAI team?

The adventure and excitement of each project; flexibility and teamwork; and the encouragement and opportunity to try new tasks.


What words best describe the culture at JAI?

Friendly, honest, caring and diligent.


What has been your proudest moment to date working at JAI?

I was honored to be part of the renovation of the historic First Presbyterian Church in downtown Knoxville. This was my first assignment with JAI, and I enjoyed the process of finding solutions to the project’s challenges. I am proud of how the building evolved and of the appreciation by and friendships made in the church’s committees and congregation.


Who or what are your go-to sources for work inspiration?

Nature and my daughter.


If you could switch places for a day with any JAI team member, which one would you choose?

I could never fill anyone’s place. Each person brings a unique quality and talent to the team.


Before joining JAI, what were some of the most unusual jobs you held?

In high school, I started cleaning houses under the name Dustbusters. I was also a “corn cop” at the Corryton Corn Maze.


What do you look most forward to at the end of a workday?

Giving my lil girl a big hug, kicking off my shoes and tending to my flowerbeds.


If you were stranded alone on an island, what three material possessions would you hope to have with you?

Hat, hiking boots and hammock. Hope it’s a nice view!


What is your favorite place in the world?

Anywhere outdoors.  I love hiking. House Mountain locally and Max Patch in North Carolina are my go-to places, but I also love discovering new sites and sunsets.


What are you currently watching or reading?

My daughter and I are reading together the children’s literature of Rebecca Caudill, who is my great aunt and namesake. These books are considered Appalachian fiction, but I’ve been told most of the stories are loosely based on her childhood growing up in the Cumberland Mountains.  Next, I plan to read “My Appalachia: A Reminiscence”, also by Caudill.