Get to Know: Heather Overton

May 15, 2019

Heather Overton
Johnson Architecture

Heather Overton joined JAI in 2009.


What is your role at JAI?

Peacekeeper, merriment-maker and master scheduler of all things important.


What three terms best describe you?

The same: peacekeeper, merriment-maker, master scheduler of all things important.


What is your favorite aspect of being on the JAI team?

Being part of a gloriously quirky work family that challenges me daily – in a good way!


What three words best describe the culture at JAI?

Scruffy, hardworking and funny.


What has been your proudest moment to date working at JAI?

Talking Daryl Johnson into allowing me to be his assistant.


Before joining JAI, what was the most unusual job you held?

Picking ginseng in my home state of Wisconsin. I was barely old enough to remember going with my cousins to a farm to dig in the dirt for ginseng on my hands and knees!


What is your secret talent?

Word documents.