Health Care

Pat Summitt Clinic


Client: Pat Summitt Clinic

Year: 2017

Pat Summitt Clinic

The Pat Summitt Foundation enlisted Johnson Architecture to design a space where Alzheimer’s patients could find comfort through excellent care and strategically planned design, something they viewed as a crucial next step in accomplishing Summitt’s mission in fighting the disease. Design highlights include:

  • A clearly defined entry and waiting room provide comfort upon arrival and reduce any confusing distractions for patients.
  • Interior features incorporate the psychology of color and needs of Alzheimer’s patients.
  • Seamless transitions of color and finishes minimize sharp contrast and busy patterns. Custom lighting provides the correct levels of light for patients.
  • Multiple consultation rooms serve as collaborative spaces where medical staff, patients and families can devise plans for individualized treatment.
  • Muting of sound supports HIPAA privacy requirements and minimizes the distraction of external noise.
  • A tranquil aquarium provides a soothing visual and acoustic experience in the waiting room.
  • Inspirational images of Summitt to document her bravery, strength and mission.



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